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Wine Bottle Cutting

When you like doing crafts you have a bad habit of stocking up on things you really do not need (AKA hoarding tendencies). There seems to always be someone who has what you think you need. Then it just sits there and sits there for a very long dusty time. Not only have we stocked up on glass bottles but we have craft paints, toilet paper rolls, empty cans, and so much more. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Do you have friends that like stuff that comes in pretty glass bottles? Well we do. When researching things that can be done with bottles, like wine bottles. That is why we love Pinterest! It’s a whole community of people like us who love making things and need ideas!
Yes we know we have lots of junk! Awesome right? Well not so much for our husbands. They think it just a bunch of trash. So here we are trying to turn our trash in to someone’s treasure.
We found a blog that shows us how to cut our wine bottle to turn them into planters for maybe small plants or herbs, candle holder or even lighting.

Click here for the video to cut bottles with string

No believe us it is not at all as easy as they make it look. There have been lots and lots of epic fails while trying this project out. The video we found made it look so easy and they had clean lines…..our lines not so much. We had the glass crack and split in places we did not want it to. Good thing we are hoarders and have lots of bottles to practice on.
You know how the making process goes. It either turns out how you want it to or well it doesn’t. This is one of those projects that just has not seemed to work out just yet.

We gathered all the items that we thought we would need.

Acetone Nail Polish remover, Wine Bottle, yarn, a tub that is big enough for our ice water and wine bottle to fit in to, scissors and a lighter.

Items Needed

Next we wrapped the yarn around our wine bottle about 6 or 7 times, tied it and cut the string.


Then we slid the string off while trying to keep the shape and size.

String 2

We then soaked our yarn in the acetone. Make sure you get all of the string soaked in the liquid.


After soaking the string we slid it back on to our wine bottle in the spot we would like the bottle cut making sure it was secure.


Now the fun begins. We lit the string with the lighter. If you have that hidden pyro tendency this part is pretty fun. This part could also be a little intimidating.

Lighter Fire

You then have the bottle tilted to the side and rotate it so that the heat is distributed evenly. This part can be tricky because out fire would go out. This could be why it did not work so well for us.

Fire Water

Once your yarn has burned (our burned in two in a couple of places) You immediately place the bottle in the ice water. We heard several cracks. It also made our water look really gross.

Ice Water

Our wine bottle split apart but not in the neat little line we were hoping. Nothing like in the video. Hey you win some you lose some.

Broken Bottle

We also tried this technique on two smaller bottles used different string. So far we had only one that did close to what we wanted. So this is one of those projects that we have yet to figure out. I think we are going to purchase a glass cutter so we can move along with our project. I would love to know where we went wrong. If you were able to get this project to work for you let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Broken Bottles

Here is one of the sites that we used to get some of our ideas. #5 is the one we were wanting to do. 

5 DIY Projects Using Cut Glass Bottles