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Pirate Party

Pirate Party 3

Arrrrgh Matey!

While planning a birthday party can be stressful I find it to be one of my favorite times. I love sitting around with the kids months in advance to help them pick out what their next Birthday Party is going to be like. In 2009, my son was in to pirates. We had so much fun finding stuff for this party. We had it all planned out from who would make the cake to the decorations. A lot of the goodies came from oriental Trading. My brother-in-law even made my son his own treasure chest, that we still have.  Once we figured out the decoration theme we wanted to go with the fun part began.

The party invitations my sister-in-law made. I found some cloth like paper that she printed on to make it look like a map and had my sons picture on them and made sure that they knew they were free to dress up as pirates.

Pirate Party Invitation LinkYou can also find more Invitation Ideas here.                                                    They have some super cute pirate themed invitations.                                      Click on the picture to go to their website.

My wonderful mother made the cake for me. She and I take turns on making the cakes when it comes to the kids birthday parties.

Pirate Cake

We opted for a map with a ship look. I thought It turned out awesome!! If I remember correctly it was half chocolate and half vanilla cake.

The ship that we found to go on top was in the toy section at Wal-Mart back in 2009. Here is another that I found on that I think would work also.

The Plates, napkins, drink cup and silverware I got from a There are several companies that will ship you whole party sets. Since it has been so long since we did this party I was unable to find the same supplies that we used but they still have cute selection to choose from.


I found an awesome Skull wine goblet that I purchased for the Birthday Boy. After all it is his day and he should feel special.

Pirate Party 4All of our little pirates look pretty wore out already and this is before the treasure hunt!

The planning for this party was so much fun and the whole family was involved, we had a homemade treasure chest made by Pirate Pooch, and personalized treasure hunt by Aunt Tra. The kids had to find the clues that would lead them to the buried treasure.

Pirate Party 15 Pirate Party 14 Pirate Party 13 Pirate Party 12 Pirate Party 11              We kept them occupied and busy. They were all so excited to discover what we had hidden.

That was until the real work came in. They had to all take turns digging up the treasure chest that Pirate Pooch buried. And of course he couldn’t make it easy! That would ruin the fun!

Let the digging begin. Pirate Party 5

Still not there yet!

Pirate Party 16

They really had to work.

Pirate Party 17

But Look how Happy he is!Pirate Party 6

It’s treasure time! Now to see what is inside.

Pirate Party 8 Pirate Party 7 Pirate Party 2

Remember we found all this awesome stuff on

We had so much fun as adults and the kids seemed to have a blast. My birthday boy was all smiles the whole day!

Pirate Party 10